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The New Season of ‘American Crime Story’ Will Be About The Monica Lewinsky Scandal

The People v OJ Simpson set an incredibly high bar for future seasons of Ryan Murphy’s FX anthology series American Crime Story. And it’s been revealed that the next season will follow the highly scandalized affair of Monica Lewinsky.

I literally just finished watching the amazing show, and I’ve got to say, it lives up to all the hype. The acting, drama and intensity of the show was all perfectly executed. And even though we all knew how the trail would end, I was still left hanging on the edge of my seat with every episode.

I wasn’t around during the trail, so watching the show was almost like experiencing it in real time. I thought Murphy did a great job of making both sides (the prosecutor and the defence) seem relatable. I cared about both sides, I wanted both sides to get their way, and I understood where they were coming from…well, everyone but O.J Simpson that is. Because he was guilty, and they let him get away with it because this trail was a huge cultural win for black people in America who were constantly being harassed by many police officers, especially in L.A. They used this case as a way to shed light on all the injustice; it’s unfortunate that this was done with O.J as he wasn’t very active in the black community and tried to shy away from an topics of race.

What I liked most about this show, was that it was so relevant even now, as black people are still being harassed by cops, and it’s once again being brought to the limelight.

So I must say, I’m expecting big things from this new season (which I’m 100% going to watch). Murphy has secured the rights to the book A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down a President by Jeffrey Toobin (he also wrote the book behind The People v O.J) Murphy and his co-producers have already met with a potential actresses for the roles of Lewinsky and her colleague Linda Tripp, who exposed the affair.

Are you excited for this new season? Who do you think should play Lewinsky and the Clintons’?


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