Star Wars: The Last Jedi

It’s finally here, the release for the title on the new Star Wars film! Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi! Let’s just take a couple moments to nerd out shall we?

First things first, I love that this title acts as a call back to Episode VI Return of The Jedi! This was the film when Luke and Vader finally brought balance back into the force and there was peace in the galaxy. With the title of The Last Jedi, it leads me to believe that the complete opposite’s going to happen in this film. Luke’s probably going to die and pass the torch of being the “last jedi” (as that’s what they continuously called Luke in The Force Awakens) onto Rey.

My biggest pet peeve in The Force Awakens was how everything came so easily to Rey. So could literally do no wrong and figure everything out within a matter of seconds. I don’t care if the force is strong with her and she’s Luke’s daughter (or Obi Wan, depending on which theory you prefer), it was just too perfect. And the fact that she defeated Kylo Ren so easily? What the hell? I don’t care if he was injured, it was silly and far too neat. I think in this next film, the outcome of them fighting will be much different, resulting in Luke having to step in and him dying (or something along those lines).

Let’s talk about the title. I like that it’s red. Most of the Star Wars titles have been yellow, except for…you got it Return of The Jedi, that one was red as well. I’m just drawing on a lot of parallels to these two. One was about balance and hope while they other will probable be about war and death. Dark times ahead indeed.

Perhaps this will be the end of all jedi’s in general :O

What do you think of the Star Wars Episode VIII title The Last Jedi? Are you excited?


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