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Gilmore Girls Are Actually The Worst Girls

Once the new Netflix season of Gilmore Girls was set to come out, I decided to give the original series a try.

My best friend in elementary school used to be obsessed with this show. Her and her mother would always have tacos every week Gilmore Girls was on. I always thought that was such an adorable idea, but the show itself never held any interest for me.

Once I started watching it on Netflix I was hooked, I enjoyed the witty banter between Lorelai and her surprisingly kind daughter Rory. However, as the show continued, I began to realize that these two characters were downright annoying. This is especially the case when it comes to Rory, she literally doesn’t realize how entitled she is. Case and point: She writes an article covering an event her rich boyfriend Logan attends. Her article is a classic “us vs them” piece where she states that the people there haven’t worked for anything and that they all have things given to them.

When Logan says Rory’s a hypocrite as her life’s the same i.e her grandparents paying for the prestigious Chilto, her grandparents (and then father) paying for Yale, her boyfriend paying for her rent, her grandparents buying her a car, and much much more. But not to worry, her experience is very “different” than Logan’s, because she doesn’t have a trust fund or company to fall back on…She’s never paid for anything in her life, never had a job, never had worries. I think they’re relatively similar.

Rory is a character who’s┬áliterally never had any troubles! And when she’s faced with them, she cries and plays the victim card. Having an affair and breaking up Dean’s marriage, ruining her friends relationship in college because she lied about him having feelings for her, stringing Dead along when she clearly had feelings for someone else, running to Jess when things were tough with Logan, being told she’s not good enough to become a journalist and then quitting Yale and stealing a boat as a result…need I go on? She’s honestly just the worst, and she genuinely doesn’t seem to have any interest in the lives of her friends or family unless it directly affects her.

Seriously, what happened to her character? She was once so nice and relatable, and then she became one of the most annoying characters on TV.

And then there’s Lorelai. The woman Rory gets all her traits from. While I respect her for raising a daughter all on her own, going to school, starting from the bottom at in inn and working her way to become a manger and then the owner of her own inn, she’s still annoying. Her choices have always been about Lorelai first, Lorelai second, and Lorelia third (except for when it comes to Rory of course). She treats the men in her life like garbage. Enter Max Medina who she pretended to love and then suddenly decided the wedding was off. Then there’s her back and fourth romance with Christopher – who she married out of desperation when things ended with Luke.

My friend used to say these women were her role models. Ladies these are not people we should aspire to be like. We shouldn’t treat others the way they treat people (just look at how they cast their best friends Suki and Lane aside for their new “flavour of the month” male obsession they have) or to be blind to the obvious luxuries provided in life.

Instead of these 2 annoying characters, I thought I’d look at the 10 best characters in Gilmore Girls instead!

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Did you find Rory and Lorelai annoying? Which Gilmore Girls character was your favourite?


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