Lights, Camera, Action

Rachel Lindsay Will Be The First Black Bachelorette!

In a surprising turn of events, The Bachelor decided to yell “Screw It!” and spoiled their own show. Rude.

Yes I watch The Bachelor and yes it’s my guilty pleasure. Deal with it.

This season Nick Viall finally became the long awaited Bachelor (after 2 seasons of being the rejected runner up and a hilarious stint on Bachelor In Paradise). His top four remaining contestants consist of Corinne, Rachel, Raven and my predicted winner Vanessa. Next week is hometown dates, and I figure Corinne will be asked to leave, as he’s probably only keeping her around so that we can meet her now world famous nanny.

After that it’s the “fantasy suites” date, where Nick gets down and dirty with the remaining 3 contestants. While not all Bachelors take advantage of this, I have a sneaky suspicion that Nick will, I mean, he is Nick after all.

However, it’s been announced on Jimmy Kimmel that Rachel Lindsay will be the next bachelorette. This came as a shock because she’s currently still on the show! Way to ruin things guys. Now we all know she isn’t going to win, and will therefore most likely be leaving after the fantasy suite date. If she were to make it to the final 2, the finale wouldn’t be very dramatic as we all know that her and Nick don’t end up together after this bombshell was dropped.

So that just leaves Raven and Vanessa. And while I really like Raven, I think he has more of a realistic connection with Vanessa, she asks the tough questions and seems to genuinely want something real out of this.

The fact that Rachel’s going to be the next bachelorette is HUGE. This will be the first none white bachelorette ever! Both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have had other races as contestants, but has only ever had one Hispanic man in charge. And I couldn’t be more excited for some much needed and long awaited diversity that should have been added to this show long ago.

Congrats The Bachelor, it’s about time!


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