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Couples I Wish Ended Up Together

I love me a good love triangle in TV, books and film so in honour of Valentine’s Day week (yes I’ve turned it into a week) I thought I’d look at those love triangles that didn’t quite go my way.

I don’t know about you, but I live for the drama of love triangles! And there’s honestly nothing better than when they pick your favourite person from the love tripod. But on the flip side, there’s nothing worst than when they pick the wrong person. It’s almost like a personal assault against you isn’t it?

Below are my picks on couples that I wish ended up together but didn’t. And just in case you’re wondering, there are some major spoiler alerts, you’ve been warned! And check out some other fun drama countdowns here!

Bleach – Ichigo and Orihime

I’m obsessed with Bleach, but incredibly annoyed with it at the same time. This is a show full of attractive badass people that clearly have feelings for one another and nothing ever happens!! The only time they’ll admit to a couple having a relationship is when someone gets killed leaving the other person alone and distraught. Just make Ichigo and Orihime be together please. She clearly loves him and it’s obvious that they have a connection. Case and point: Ichigo felt her presence after she disappeared and said goodbye to him while he was asleep. He was afraid to show her his hollow mask and is ridiculously protective of her, more so than with anyone else.

Teen Wolf – Stiles and Malia

I know I know, this one’s going to be unpopular because everyone’s team Stiles and Lydia, especially now that they’re together. But I’ve always been more of a fan of him with Malia. Stiles is the best character on Teen Wolf, and while no relationship will hold a candle to the bromance between him and Scott, I liked the balance between Malia and Stiles, how he brought out the good in her and how she accepted him for who is was from the beginning. I really enjoy that they both just seemed to get each other with regards to studying and solving mysteries. I really wish they would’ve ended up together.

Lost – Sayid and Nadia

I was never a fan of Sayid and Shannon, it just didn’t seem believable to me that a man as mysterious and experienced as Sayid would end up with a spoiled brat like Shannon. And while her relationship with him made her better, it brought Sayid down, especially since he was much better suited for Nadia. I was pretty devastated when she died; poor Sayid, he had to watch both Nadia and Shannon, two women that he loved, die. But I guess that’s just the world of Lost for you, loads and loads of death.

Homeland – Brody and Carrie

Killing off Brody was a bold move for Homeland, and one that I’m still not even sure if I’m on board with. Brody was the entire point of Homeland, the whole show revolved around whether or not he was a traitor and his tremulous relationship with Carrie. I was beyond shocked and devastated when he was killed, leaving a pregnant Carrie behind.

One Tree Hill – Brooke and Lucas

I mean, Peyton was literally the most annoying character there ever was. And while I logically know it makes sense for them to be together (cause they were always end game from the start), he should have been with Brooke. They were a better couple, and to be honest I think she brought out the best in Lucas. For starters, she didn’t make him a cheater like Peyton did, so there’s that. Plus, Brooke never really felt the way she did for Lucas with anyone ever again, not even Julian. And I believe Peyton and Jake would have made a far better couple.

Smallville – Chloe and Jimmy

While I enjoyed Chloe and Oliver’s relationship, he’s meant for Black Canary and Black Canary alone. Chloe and Jimmy were the most adorable side kick couple on Smallville. Killing him was such a confusing plot twist that I don’t even want to acknowledge it. Plus it was nice to finally have a boy pick Chloe for once!

Gilmore Girls – Rory and Jess

This one’s a surprise for me, I never really like Rory with Jess when they dated, he was super moody, a flaky jerk, and left town without saying a word to her. But as he got older, he got more mature (which is interesting because as Rory got older, she got worse). If you ask me, it was her conversation with Jess that got her back into school, and that speaks volumes! Logan’s a great guy and all (until her became a cheater), but I think Rory needs a man like Jess to tell her how it is.

Boy Meets World – Shawn And Angela

This one still makes my blood boil. WHY. THE. HELL. DID. THESE. TWO. NOT. END. UP. TOGETHER? I just don’t understand? While I know the whole point of the show was Cory and Topanga’s relationship (alongside Cory and Shawn’s!) Shawn needed someone. He lost his family and was never really close with his half brother Jack. Angela was the only person he ever loved or felt close with. Their relationship was so deep and so full of chemistry, it just doesn’t make sense and breaks my heart! Even in the Girl Meets World show it’s so obvious that he still has feelings for her. Why world? Why?

Battlestar Galactica – Starbuck And Apollo

I’ll admit it, sometimes Starbuck was a bitch, and near the end there she got hella annoying. But I must say that her and Lee (Apollo) belonged together. While I loved Lee’s relationship with Dee, her surprising death would have allowed Starbuck and Apollo to finally be together, but alas, the show had different plans for Lieutenant Kara Thrace (Starbuck). I just wish that Lee and his father were able to be with the women they loved in the end, so that all their struggles would have given them some sort of reward in the end. But that’s war baby, full of sorrow and death.

Young Justice – Wally and Artemis

While I’m incredibly excited that this show is finally coming back (as it was cancelled too soon), it just won’t be the same without the surprisingly refreshing relationship between Artemis and Wally. Their relationship was a classic story of hating each other, to respecting each other, to falling in love. His death was sad as he was the most loveable character on the show. And he left poor Artemis alone.

The Mortal Instruments – Simon and Maia

Please allow me to explain this one. I love Simon and Isabelle from The Mortal Instruments series. But I hated how neatly the series ended. Like Battlestar Galactica above, when you’re in a war there should be heart felt casualties as a result, and Simon loosing his memories should have stayed a permanent thing. He could have met Maia who would have no memory of him and date her with no knowledge of the Shadow world. I feel like Maia would have left her pack behind and gone off to university like Jordan wanted her to. She and Simon could have lived a normal life, and while it would have been sad for the other characters, I think it would have been right. Isabelle could have joined the Adamant Citadel, home of the Iron Sisters as they offered in the book.

Superman and Lois Lane

Wonder Woman, I love you and all, but Superman is destined to be with Lois. End of story.

Star Trek Enterprise – Trip and T’Pol

This show got a lot of flak, but it really wasn’t that bad. The last 2 seasons were downright amazing and some excellent Star Trek. In my opinion, Trip was the best character, so I was clearly a big fan of his relationship with T’Pol, which quickly became a big focus in the series. While I enjoyed Worf and Dax’s relationship, I was okay with her death because I was never really a big fan of her character anyhow. Trip on the other hand I loved, so I was not okay with him dying and his relationship with T’Pol ending seemingly out of nowhere.

Stargate SG-1 – Samantha Carter and Jack O’Neill

Like Bleach, SG-1 liked to hint towards Sam and Jack’s relationship every so often, but nothing ever really happened, and it was annoying. The two clearly loved each other and should have ended up together. It was difficult watching the longing looks that the two passed each other and the constant reminders that they would be perfect together. I get that they had duty and rules and such, but the show was on for 10 years with a spinoff series that Sam joined. You’re telling me they couldn’t figure it out?

Stargate Atlantis – John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan

Speaking of a spinoff series! Why did John and Teyla never get together? He most definitely had a crush, and then she got pregnant anyways and it was written into the show, so why didn’t they just make it John’s baby? It could have been perfect, because then they’d not only be fighting to save Tayla, but John would be fighting to save his wife and baby! He was clearly upset when he found out she was pregnant, so they had the potential all lined up and ready to go!

The O.C – Seth and Anna

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Seth and Summer, their relationship was one of the best things about The O.C, but deep down I think he should have ended up with Anna. It always annoyed me how Seth just picked Summer because she was “hotter”. Anna and him had things in common, I mean she made him a comic for crying out loud! Similar to my argument with Stiles and Malia from Teen Wolf above, Anna liked Seth for who he was from the beginning. And she always had the best of intentions for him. I honestly believe they would have been a better match had Seth not been so blinded by looks.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – Scott and Knives Chau

Let’s be honest here, Knives was such a cool character and waaaaaaay better than Ramona Flowers. That girl was so boring and definitely not worth Scotts time. He should have smartened up and realized that he had a good thing with Knives, like he did in the alternate ending for the film. Screw it, I’ve decided that ending is the real one. They totally end up together.

Who do you think I left out? What couple do you wish ended up together? And don’t forget to check out other fun countdown lists here


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