The Oscars 2017

This year was a big one for The Oscars, and as always, I’m looking at the best moments, best fashion, and best things 2017 has to offer us this time around.

First things first, there were so many amazing films, artists, and talent to choose from this year. It must have been extremely difficult to narrow it down to just the select few and then to choose one on top of it. And yet somehow they did, and managed to please just about everyone.

My number 1 girl crush Emma Stone won her very first Oscar for her role in the highly talked about La La Land, Viola Davis once again made a powerful speech while accepting her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Fences, and Mahershala Ali rightfully so won for Best Supporting Actor in Moonlight.

Jimmy Kimmel hosted this years events, bringing with him his dry humour and calling out the unfortunate President of The United States…Trump; he even went as far as to tweet at him, wondering why he hasn’t made his usual dumb comments during award shows. However, his stand out moment was when he brought in a bunch of tourists to the freaking Oscars and introduced them one by one to the many celebs sitting front row. It was a hilariously honest time for the stars and the shocked tourists.

In the most shocking moment of all award show history (I think I can make that claim), La La Land was named winner for Best Picture, and during their speeches, it was revealed that Moonlight in fact was the winner, and not La La Land. This was honestly one of the most awkward moments, and a horrible mistake to be made, especially since most people assumed the race would come down to those two films.

Apparently, announcers Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty were given the wrong card to announce the winner for Best Picture. They received Emma Stone’s card that previously announced her as winner for Best Actress in La La Land; as the title of the film was on the card under her name a confused Beatty announced them as the winners instead of Moonlight. Good Lord, the drama that erupted.

While I feel bad for the cast and crew of La La Land, I was so proud that Moonlight won! This is the first time an LGBT film and an all black cast film has ever been recognized at the Oscars and won. History was made! In more than one way.

Below are my picks for the best dressed stars from last night. Who do you think looked the best? Check out more best dressed lists from award shows here.

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