Logan Movie Review

Now that I’ve watched the much anticipated Logan, let’s review it shall we?

So Logan is the final chapter in the Wolverine film series and says goodbye to the legendary performance of Hugh Jackman playing the Wolverine – X-Men’s best antihero there ever was. Seriously, casting him was absolute gold, I can’t imagine anyone else playing the role as perfectly as he did.

Logan loosely follows the story of Old Man Logan from the comic; this is a withered, old and dying Wolverine that most aren’t used to. After the son of Logan’s foe Dale Rice (who worked with William Stryker and was responsible for giving Logan his adamantium skeleton), Dr. Zander Rice accidentally wiped out the entire Mutant species by isolating the mutation X-Gene. He inoculated the entire worlds’ population by targeting simple things like water, soda and fast food (just to name a few). Way to cause a genocide Rice.

The theme of disappointment runs deeply through this film as Logan is disappointed with how his life has turned out, and can no longer live with the choices he or Charles have made. He’s haunted by all the death that follows him and is haunted by the death of the X-Men who were killed by Charles due to his neurological disorder. I found that interesting as it changed what we all expected to happen from the Old Man Logan story of Logan killing the X-Men instead of Charles. And now, the one thing that Logan used to depend on (his adamantium skeleton) is killing him. Suffice it to say, Logan has had enough. Right off the bat, we knew that this would be the end of the mutants we know and love, and would introduce a whole new generation of them with Weapon X-23 and the other children.

Speaking of X-23 she was amazing! The perfect blend between animal and child! Everything you’d expect to see in Logan’s clone daughter and from the X-23 of the comics! Her and the other children were created in a lab by the Transigen Corporation. They implanted DNA harvested from powerful Mutants of the past into surrogate mothers in order to create a brand new breed of Mutants to control. Unfortunately that plan backfired as the kids grew older, so they decided to start from scratch with a killing Wolverine clone instead. And let me tell you, he was terrifying. And sadly, he killed Charles.

Professor Xavier’s character was beautiful in the film. I loved his relationship with Logan and with X-23. Even being reduced to live the life he and Logan had, Charles still managed to hold on to some hope, and had a lot of regret for killing his fellow mutants. His death was sad (as it was at the hands of Logan’s clone) but a necessary one.

Aside from Logan and X-23 kicking all the ass in this film (gotta thank Deadpool for getting this film to be Rated R) my favourite part was when Charles had one of his episodes that cause everyone around to freeze and almost die. His brain disorder caused seizures that would literally shake the world around him apart, and the scene was so well shot. I liked that it gave us an idea of what happened to the other X-Men when Charles accidentally killed them and how his seizures affected those around him.

I liked how this film involved the X-Men comics! I thought that was a fun twist on things, to show how much Mutants had a positive effect in this world before they became extinct. It’s also a nice way to pay homage to the original source material, and an interesting way to acknowledge how the films were loosely based on the comics.

And let’s not forget the best little treat of all! In The Wolverine film, Yukio told Logan that she saw his death – as a mutant with the power to see the future, she assumed it would come to pass regardless of what Logan did. And you know what? She was right all along, Logan did die due to the lack of his regeneration powers. He may have averted it in that film, but it came true all the same. That is to say, if that film even exists in the new timeline that X-Men: Days of Future Past created.

All in all, this was a great film and the perfect way to say goodbye to Hugh Jackman’s Logan. While nothing surprised me in this film, I got what I wanted. Congratulations on having such an amazing journey! Glad I could join the ride.

Have you seen Logan? What did you think? And be sure to check out more X-Men news here


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