Dressed Like A Bat; I Dig It

The posters were released last week, so I guess it’s only fair we get a new trailer as well.

I’ve been following the new Justice League very closely as I’m a huge fan of DC, and with the recent sneak peak of the character posters it was only a matter of time until we got another trailer showing the league unite.

Based off the trailers, I’m not sure what to think. I’m already disappointed with the DC films thus far, so I’ve got a lot riding on this one (as I really don’t see myself watching the Wonder Woman film anytime soon). It looks like they’re trying include some humour in this film and it just feels awkward. The Flash seems like an odd teen with social issues, and Aquaman “digging” the bat suit seemed out of place (at least in the trailer). I liked that Barry ask Batman what his super power is, as this is a question he often gets when seen with the Justice League, but his answer kind of annoyed me. Being rich isn’t his super power, it’s being who he is. He’s Batman, and I hope they don’t just brush his character under the rug as the person who brings the team together (which in itself I find odd that Batman has become the resident team player).

The trailer hints at the return of Superman with a glimpse of Lois and shows us who the league may be fighting. So far it seems as though the Mother Boxes are taking centre stage, and with them Darkseid’s┬áParademons who have come to collect. I’m hoping that we don’t actually see the League face Darkseid just yet, I’d like there to be a slow build up to him as Marvel’s been doing with Thanos. And while I’m no big fan of what’s been happening with Wonder Woman, I’m excited by the fact that the trailer hints to the Amazon’s fighting against Darkseid’s legion of Parademons!

I like that we see glimpses of Flash talking with his father in prison, and how his super speed power works in this universe. All in all, there are some things that I’m excited for, but I guess only time will tell on how uniting the 7 goes in the grand scale of things.

What do you think about this trailer? Are you excited for the DC cinematic universe?


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