My Little Universe

I’m Heading To Japan!

It’s going to be lights out from me for awhile as I’m heading overseas for my next adventure!

That’s right, I can knock this one off my bucket list as I’m heading to Japan! I’ve never been to Asia before, so I’m pretty excited about this one. While it’s not one of my top places I’d like to go to, it’s still going to be such an amazing experience that I’d never say no to.

My sister is turning the big 30, and after spending a year in Korea she got a taste for the finer things while there. She’s always wanted to go to Tokyo but never got a change when she was in Asia last; so for her 30th she wanted one thing – Japan.

So this means that I’m unfortunately going to be signing off for the next 2ish weeks! When I get back I can’t wait to share my adventures with you guys! But until then, thanks for sticking with my little universe of a blog! You guys make it all worth it!

JasmineShanelle signing out!


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