Summertime Sadness

Lana Del Rey’s Lust For Life Album Trailer

Now that I’ve calmed down from my overwhelming excitement, let’s look at the spectacular art that is Lana Del Rey’s visual album trailer Lust For Life. Sigh, be still my heart.

Lana has always been such a visual soul, so it came as no surprise that she released this video in preparation for her upcoming album. As we know, she’s in the middle of changing her music and sound, as she’s entering a happy period in her life. Stating that the last 4 albums were for her, but now this one’s for the fans!

This video definitely has some old Hollywood flavour going around with it’s black and white imagery, but what I love most are her hints at all the dark moments that’s happening in the world around her. Lana’s always been one to keep political issues to herself; however, she’s recently taken some opportunities to quietly speak out on political, social and cultural¬†events. So I’m excited to see how she’ll use her music to reflect her opinions.

Also, is it weird that I was getting some series American Horror Story vibes from this video? They should totally cast her in a guest role, no?

What did yo think of this visual trailer? Are you excited for the Lust For Life album?


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