Deadpool’s Cable Has Been Cast

And the excitement just keeps on coming! Not only did we find out that Jude Law has been cast to play a younger Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them sequel, but now we see that Cable has been cast for Deadpool 2. It seems dreams do come true.

Contrary to all of my previous Cable casting ideas, Josh Brolin has been cast in the iconic role! While Deadpool was an amazingly hilarious film, this news is getting me twice as pumped for the next instalment (even though director Tim Miller won’t be back for the sequel).

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, Cable is the adult son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Jean Grey’s clone Madelyne Pryor. As a baby, he was transported into the future and trained to be a warrior before he eventually got sent back. I’m interested to see how his character will effect the messed up storyline narrative of the X-Men films; because they’re honestly are all over the place. Will his character have the same backstory of his comic counterpart? Or will he just be there to put Deadpool in his place?

Brolin is an interesting choice as he’s already dipped his toes in the comic book/Marvel world as the villain Thanos in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe that the X-Men are sadly not a part of (damn you Fox!).

And while I hate that my dream cast hasn’t come to pass, you can’t have it all right?

Are you excited for Josh Brolin to play Cable? Who would you have casted?


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