Summertime Sadness

Lana + The Weeknd = Magic

I can’t. Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd are back at it again. And I dare I say this time around is even better than the first?

First things first, this music video is a visual masterpiece that follows the same creepily dark Hollywood glam that her Lust For Life album trailer had. The song is smooth and subtly catchy which is honestly to be expected at this point from these two stars.

I made a list on artists that Lana should work with (because I love to look at celeb music collaborative mash ups), and on that list was The Weeknd. So imagine my surprise when they actually released a song together way back when called Prisoner? And just like BeyoncĂ© and Lady Gaga made 2 songs together (with Gaga’s Telephone and Queen Bey’s Video Phone), Lana and The Weeknd are following suit with this sure to be hit Lust For Life tune.

Coincidence that this so happens to be the title of the album? I think not.


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