Top 10 Lana Del Rey Music Videos

I like to look at some of the best music videos out there, so I figured why not look at the best videos by my fave artist out there. Lana

10. Tropico

This video was a cultural (and underrated) masterpiece. The video pulled from Biblical stories such as Adam and Eve with an obvious Lana twist. It stands out as a unique experience that keeps the eyes glued to the screen.

9. Music To Watch Boys

The perfect blend of summer fun, romance and beauty. Music To Watch The Boys is every Lana inspired summer anthem that establish true bliss.

8. National Anthem

With a different take on the life, love and the assassination of John F. Kennedy (played by A$AP Rocky) National Anthem was Lana’s first look on how detrimental and dangerous the gaze of the paparazzi could be. She also broke down some racial stereotypes on one of the most famous Presidents of the United States.

7. Young and Beautiful

Young and Beautiful was the hit song off of The Great Gatsby’s fantastic soundtrack. And while Lana was robbed of a Grammy for the song, the video perfectly captures the dark and looming loneliness that the characters deal with in the novel/film. Lana is set in old Hollywood glam being stared at my a room full of people; she’s surrounded, yet alone. How very Gatsby of her.

6. High By The Beach

Remember when I said National Anthem was the first look at the power of the paparazzi? Well, High By The Beach takes it one step further, but looking at just how trapped they can make you feel. Until one day, she has enough, and kills them; showing no remorse and taking no responsibility for her actions. After all she wants to do is get high by the beach. You do you girl.

5. West Coast

Bouncing back and forth between the present and past where Lana remembers the amazingly destructive time with her one true love (more about him later!) to the present with her new love. West Coast shows how Lana’s ready to put the past behind her; she’s moving on but will never forget him, or the West Coast.

4. Love

Just as West Coast says goodbye to a dangerous love, her newer song Love says goodbye to the turmoil. It begins with a dark tone in black and white, depicting a darker and more emotional time in Lana’s life (hence her first few albums). But soon the video turns vibrant and into colour, depicting a happy new Lana. As her music changes, so do her videos.

3. Born To Die

Remember that guy I spoke of earlier? Her one true love that she had to say goodbye to? Well here’s why she had to say goodbye, Born To Die shows just how dangerous and violent her love with this man was. To the point where her love for him is what kills her. It’s a powerful, gorgeous video that ties in with West Coast and my coming up number 2 video, Blue Jeans. Especially since the same actor, Bradley Soileau, plays this character of her love interest.

2. Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans. One of my all time favourite songs on the planet. This video was part one of the destructive love story between Lana and this mystery man played by Bradley Soileau. First Lana introduced us to him with Blue Jeans and then expended on their love in Born To Die. She completed the story with West Coast as a final way to say goodbye. Blue Jeans introduces us to Lana’s love as the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, but she’s completely infatuated with him. As they swim around in her pool, she compares it to that of swimming with an alligator – a dangerous predator that will ultimately be her undoing (as we saw in Born To Die). The video ends with her being dragged down into the water, hinting at what’s to come.

1. Ride

Ride is my all time favourite songs by Lana Del Rey, so does it come as any surprise that it would be my favourite video as well? It paints a picture of Lana as a wild soul that unapologetically lives life on the dangerous side. She lives fast with no apologies. Living for the moment is what Ride is all about. And I love that! Especially since I’ve become obsessed with living my life to the fullest. Just ride guys, just ride.

What’s your favourite Lana Del Rey video? Don’t forget to check out more top 10 lists here!

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