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Top 10: Best Parent Child Relationships

What makes a great TV show? Compelling drama? Good actors? Excellent source material? While those may all be true, for me, the heart of the show really boils down to the characters. If they’re believable, if I can grow with them, and how their relationships are with each other.

I’ve looked at TV bromances, TV deaths, and various other TV count downs. Today, I want to focus on the the top 10 best parent child relationships.

Now, I don’t mean the best parents on TV, because this would be an entirely different list. I mean those parents that shared a special (and sometimes heart breaking) bond with their kids on TV. And yes, I’m aware that I am cheating as not all of these are their actual parents.

10. Glee Kurt and Burt Hummel

9. Avatar: The Last Airbender Zuko and Uncle

8. The Flash Barry and Joe

7. Gilmore Girls Rory and Lorelai

6. Battlestar Galactica Lee and Adama

5. One Tree Hill Lucas and Keith

4. Alias Sydney and Jack

3. The O.C Ryan and Sandy

2. Fresh Prince Will and Uncle Phil

1. Teen Wolf Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski

Do you agree with my list? Which characters do you think had the best relationship? Be sure to check out more top 10 lists here!


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