Alien: Covenant Film Review

Over the weekend I went to see Alien: Covenant, and while I was excited, I was very hesitant for what was to come. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised.

Covenant was definitely a step-up from Prometheus that was able to answer all the questions Prometheus raised while bridging the gap between these films and the original Alien masterpieces.

So right off the bat, things seemed a little too easy getting the crew to fly to the the Engineers (originally dubbed Space Jockeys) home world. A helmet casually caught a distress signal of humming sent out my Elizabeth Shaw from Prometheus. They trace it back the the Engineers planet, where everything seems to be too good to be true.

They investigate, because that’s what humans do, light a cigarette and all hell breaks loose. (smoking kills guys) What I liked was that when things were going down, they seriously went down! These creatures where terrifying, and managed to not only make the characters feel scared and confused, but the audience as well.

This was through and through a Michael Fassbender film, as he portrayed both villain and hero: David and Walter. He played them both perfectly, using slight movements and expressions to perfectly separate these 2 compelling characters. And can I just say that Davids’ initial reveal was a pretty epic one. These two characters were opposites of the same coin, and heavily reminded me of Data and Lore from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

David was the ultimate bad. Much like the characters from the first film wanted to meet and understand their makers, David hated his, finding himself to be superior. The one thing he wanted to accomplish was the one thing his programming wouldn’t allow – to create. However, he found away around that; and create he did. It was David who ultimately created the ‘perfect beings’ of the aliens. And as he no doubt, has not created the queen Alien yet, he used Shaws reproductive system to lead to birthing the eggs that later killed Oram. I guess you can say she was the first queen.

David fancies himself a god and creator. And as we learned from Prometheus, he believes that in order to create, one must first destroy. Starting with all those he found beneath him and those that would help him further his goal.

I found it interesting that David was flawed. He was programmed to be perfect, but after his conversation with Walter, we see that he is not. Bringing in the question of his sanity and emotions. Especially since he wanted to created perfection as his father Wayland did. But my, how the tables have turned. David has now become imperfect while his ‘children’ have achieved perfection.

Shaw wanted to know why the Engineers wanted to destroy humanity, a question that we’ll never have answered because David killed them all. But I look at it like this, David was disappointed with his makers so he set out to destroy them, perhaps the Engineers were disappointed with their creation, so they set out to destroy us instead.

The big issue I had with the film was that most of the characters were pretty forgettable. I really only liked was Walter, and he was an android that died. I did feel pretty bad for Daniels however. Her story began with tragedy as she lost her husband, and ending with tragedy as she realized that it was David and not Walter who survived and was placing her in hyper sleep.

I also found that Covenant made a lot of things from Prometheus become irrelevant. I guess that alien looking thing that came out of the Engineer is no longer important, the markings of the aliens on their ships no longer makes sense, and the entire civilization of the Engineers is gone.

I get that a lot of people didn’t like the movie, but I found it strange that they just made half of the film irrelevant.

This also makes my guilty pleasure film Alien vs Predator irrelevant as well. How could the Predators have brought the Aliens to Earth all those years ago if David was their creator? I know people hated that movie and try to forget its existence, but you know…I’d like to not have a Terminator timeline of confusion going on here.

I think it’s safe to say there will be another film. We still need an explanation that ties together all the events of these two films to the original Alien. If you recall, that film had an Engineer ship filled with alien eggs and the bones of the “Space Jockeys”. How does that happen when David’s flying the ship and crew to their colony planet and not the planet from the original film called LV426.

While this film was good, it still left me with many questions. What did you think of Alien: Covenant?


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