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Gotta Work On Those Handshakes Though

I’ve never been one to care much about sports, but bring a lil’ Drake and Will Ferrell in the mix, and I’m there.

This week kicked off the NBA Awards hosted by the one and only 6ix god. And in celebration, Drake brought back his acting chops and worked with the hilarious Will Ferrel in a sketch about “handshake coaches.”

In the two-minute sketch, Drake played NBA Handshake Specialist Coach Palmer while Ferrel portrayed Coach Murphy, an NBA Dexterity Technician. Their task? To improve the team’s celebration game.

Honestly, what killed me was Drake’s award winning smile, Ferrel’s constant straight face and the continuous jokes on Demar Deroza’s name.

Check out the video for yourself below!

Didn’t like it? To quote Drizzy, “Oh Demar, DeNo!”


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