Comic Con 2017: The Best of The Best

Comic Con equals epic trailers. Take a wild guess at what this post is going to cover?

Just like last year’s Comic Con line up, I’m going to look at some of the trailers I’m most excited about below! Oh, and major spoiler alerts are heading your way. You’ve been warned.

The 100

Okay, so I was hoping for some badass footage for the next season, instead of a montage from the past ones, but I must say, this put me right in The 100 mood! It was nice to remember some things forgotten from past seasons, and to see just how far these characters came. But seriously, couldn’t they have shown me just a little sumin’ sumin’ more from the new season?

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Once Upon A Time

To be honest, last season was a bit of a bore for me. I mainly watched this show to pass the time. I assumed that this would be the last season for me, especially when I heard majority of the cast would not be returning for the new season. But that all changed with the time jump in the last few minuets of season 6’s finale. Many of the characters wrapped up their stories, and to be honest, it’s about time we see new characters take centre stage. Although, I must say, Hook and Emma were my fave couple, they’d better not make him fall for someone else.

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The Gifted

Okay, so I’m a big X-Men fan, but expanding on the universe that the films have set is probably not the best idea. The stories have been so convoluted and all over the place, that it’s tough to make a TV show based off of it. That being said, I’m a sucker for all things Mutants and am on board for this show…at least for now. This show seems to concentrate on the Strucker kids (more commonly known as Andreas von Strucker and Andrea Strucker) with True Blood’s Stephen Moyer as their father and Angel’s Amy Acker as their mother. I’m definitely getting a Heroes TV show vibe off of this. It seems a little too similar for my liking. Let’s hope it doesn’t go the Heroes route of starting out strong but ending on a low.

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Death Note

Death Note was a great anime with an intriguing premise. But alas, now that Hollywood’s got its hands on it, guess what happened? Terrible casting choice (aside of course from having the brilliant Willem Dafoe voice Ryuk. Pure genius). Light was an intelligent, albeit cocky kid, who held the persona of having everything under control. Oh, and he’s also Asian. I get that this show is trying to be ‘different’ (hence casting Lakeith Stanfield to play L), but is it really so hard to have an Asian guy in the lead role of a Japanese manga? Come on people.

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Stranger Things

This show was everything when it came out. And I’m sure season 2 will be no different, especially with it’s Halloween theme. Eleven is back, monsters are back, and children are still be experimented on. Ah, Stranger Things, how I’ve missed you. Plus, how much did you love Michael Jackson’s Thriller playing in the background?

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Thor: Ragnarok

Another Thor trailer! And what can I say, except that this movie looks like fun! It’s definitely taking a page out of Guardians of The Galaxy’s book, and I’m okay with it. This trailer gives a little bit more away than the first; we see that Loki’s joined teams with Thor (again), Thor can finally control thunder without his hammer, Hulk finally finds his voice, and we’re even treated to an image of Korg from the Planet Hulk storyline. Plus, bonus! We finally get a glimpse of Karl Urban, and that’s always cause for celebration.

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Justice League

Will this movie be good? Probably not. Am I still bitching about Wonder Woman? Yes. Will I still watch this film? Regrettably.

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Pacific Rim Uprising

But…but…what’s this film about?? I thought the war was over? You know what? Who cares, monsters fighting machines? Yeeeeep! I don’t need a plot, just give me the action!

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Will Smith? I’m in. Director of Suicide Squad? I’m out. Fairies with wands that low key talk about race, prophesies, magic and has Joel Edgerton and Noomi Rapace?…Alright, I’m back in!

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Teen Wolf

Final season of Teen Wolf! And you know what that means? Time to bring back all our faves! We already know that Stiles, Derek, Jackson, Ethan, and Deucalion will be back, but who knows who else? It looks like as Stiles has sadly moved on from Malia, her and Scott get cozy together, while Peter is still lurking in the shadows (no doubt to keep an eye on his daughter).

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This looks kinda meh, but there are some good actors and actresses in it, so I will give it a try! What confuses me is how Marvel’s going to make a show about Inhumans and not include any characters from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D? That entire show is about Inhumans, so what gives? Alas, we now have multiple Marvel shows with mutants/powers. I wonder which will be better, this or Gifted?

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The Walking Dead

This trailer left me with mixed feelings. At first I was excited. If there’s one thing this show is good at, it’s building tension; and this can be seen in the trailers as well! Then it kind of lost me with the jumble of random shots, before picking back up with any scene that had Jesus or The King (I swear if one thing happens to that tiger I’m out!). But what really got me was the final scene. What’s the deal with old man Rick???? This better not all be a dream, or so help me! Any theories or thoughts?

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What did you think of all these Comic Con trailers? Do you have something you’re most looking forward to? And don’t forget to check out more trailer reviews here!


2 thoughts on “Comic Con 2017: The Best of The Best

  1. I’m not big on watching trailers but I had to check TWD to see old-man Rick… I’d be okay if they try and tell me he’s just now waking up from his season-1 coma…

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