Vikings Season 5 Trailer

Comic Con has come and gone. And as I’ve already done my review on some of my fave trailer releases, I realized that I forgot one critical trailer. Vikings.

Ah, sweet sweet Vikings. This show has literally stolen my heart, and taken my breath away all in one! It was a show that I had always wanted to get into. And get into it I did!

With the death of Ragnar, his sons have taken centre stage, and this season seems to be the battle to end all battles; the end of the brotherhood. And the rise of a new main son of Ragnar perhaps?

This season is going to make me sad. Siblings versus siblings is always a sad case, no matter how disturbed some of these boys may be. Also, it looks like this may be the end of original cast members Katheryn Winnick, as the perfect Lagertha, and Gustaf SkarsgĂ„rd, as the god-driven trickster, Floki. And while I may have hated Floki for awhile there after what he did to Aethelwulf, Helga’s death seems to have broken him. And watching him heal from that is going to be one of the hardest things ever.

Let’s not forget the main event here, Jonathan Rhys Meyers. We finally got a look at his character in this trailer. He looks like he’s going to be a worthy rival for Ragnar’s sons!

Check out the trailer below.

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