Joker Standalone Film

Apparently everyone’s getting a standalone film these days. And while I love me some Joker, I’m not excited about this news.

The Joker is so menacing because he’s insane without any cause (unless of course, you believe those fan theories of The Joker being the only sane one out there). We don’t know why he does the things he does, who he is, or what he’s all about. And that’s what makes him so frightening.

Now, of course, we’ve touched on his potential back story with The Red Hood, and versions such as, Bruno Heller’s hit show Gotham that has given us a stellar performance of Jerome as a young Joker. But none can really touch the legend and mystery that is The Joker. I worry that this film will ruin this.

There’s really only one person out there more upset than I am by this news, and that’s none other than Jared Leto. Leto played the role of The Joker in the much anticipated, but terribly received, Suicide Squad. Leto, who prides himself in being a method actor, portrayed The Joker as a weird, gangster lovesick puppy, and this just didn’t resonate with audiences.

Clearly, DC has learned from this, as The Joker standalone film is supposedly not set in the same world that DC’s cinematic universe is desperately trying to create to match that of Marvel. Leto will not apprise his role, and this Joker won’t have much to do with the Dark Knight.

Martin Scorsese is set to produce this upcoming film, and seems to have his eyes set on none other than his leading man Leonardo DiCaprio to fill the iconic shoes.

Shots fired guys.

Are you excited by this news? who do you think should play The Joker in this film?


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