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Mother! Review…Here We Go

Everyone told me not to watch it, but the trailer was just so damn compelling! Boy, did I regret that decision.

Mother! A film from the (some would argue insane) mind of Darren Aronofsky that explores the relationship with Mother Earth (Jennifer Lawrence), God (Javier Bardem) and humanity.

In this tale, Mother and God are married. He’s a writer, and after the success of his first novel (I’m thinking that’s the Old Testament) he’s hit a road block. He’s looking for life, as he is the Creator, after all. Mother, is busy building the perfect paradise in their house (or the Earth) that she has a special connection to.

The Garden of Eden (or the house that Mother is building in the film) is perfect, until one day, out of boredom, God creates Adam (Ed Harris) and Eve (a mischievous Michelle Pfeiffer). Aronofsky even hints towards the Biblical story of God using Adam’s bone to create Eve, as we see a scar on his right side when he is throwing up in the bathroom with God.

Adam and Eve invade their world and touch the forbidden fruit; thus being cast out into a world of sexual sin.

Enter their two rival sons. One of which is jealous of the other and kills his brother in a fit of rage. You following? They represent Cain and Abel.

Now humanity has sin, sex, jealousy, murder and death.

From here on out it’s a shit show. The house continuously gets destroyed by Adam and Eve’s family (or their descendants) who have no remorse or care for what they’re doing to Mother or her house. I’ve got to give respect to Aronofsky, he really captures human nature here. He gives us a view on how we would look from an outside perspective. It’s in our nature to just take, take, take and take; we expect nature to be able to provide us with everything, no matter the cost.

What’s interesting, is that God’s seen as kind of a narcissistic dick (almost evil). He just wants adulation, and to be loved and worshipped…which, in hindsight, doesn’t seem to be too far off from the truth.

The worshippers keep sitting on Mother’s unsupported sink, eventually causing the pipes to burst into what I’m assuming is the Great Flood. This wipes humans from the world and Mother and God continue to live happily. She gets pregnant with Jesus, causing God to get inspired to write again (the New Testament).

No matter how hard Mother tries, she can’t get ride of the blood stain caused by Cain and Abel. The damage is done. Death is coming for her and for her house.

Here’s where I got a tad confused. When the worshipers come back to praise God for the New Testament, and to worship Jesus, we meet God’s editor (Kristen Wiig). Is she maybe like the voice of God? One of his disciples? A Preacher that’s using his word for her own personal gain? Honestly, not sure about this one, thoughts?

Then the house gets destroyed, and we’re taken on the longest, most confusing journey of human violence, religion and savagery.

And if that’s not enough. Jesus is born! And then is promptly killed, ripped apart and eaten. Yep, baby Jesus is eaten. Mother looses her mind and starts killing people (natural disasters perhaps?) then the worshipers beat the crap out of her (as humanity does to nature) before God stops them.

Mother blows up the house, then God starts all over again. Taking her heart out, and placing it as the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve destroyed at the beginning of the film.

Soooo…this ending could mean a couple of things. Is the film taking a BSG route, hinting that all of this has happened before and will happen again? Are we just in a cycle to repeat ourselves? Or is it that in this vast universe of ours, God has attempted to create life many different times in many different ways, but that each ends the same? With Mother Nature giving and giving only to watch as humanity takes and destroys?

When you think of it this way, the film is actually really interesting and cool. But that’s really not the vibe you get when watching it. Watching this, while unique, is difficult. I think mainly because of how the film was marketed. If we knew what we were getting into, maybe people wouldn’t have been so confused and annoyed. Plus, I find that the religious tones are so deeply routed in the film; you really need to know your stuff to catch every detail.

But seriously, what was that yellow drink Mother had? Was it to help sustain the Earth? Was it to keep her calm and docile? WHAT??

What did you think of Mother! overall? Have you seen it? Do yo think you will watch it?


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