Terminator 6: It’s Back

The Terminator films have a had a rough go about them. To be honest, the only ones really worth watching are the first two (an argument can be made for the fourth), so I’m not too sure how I feel knowing they’re still trying to make more.

After the massacre that was Terminator Genisys, I really hoped Hollywood would put the Terminator franchise to bed. Genisys single handedly obliterated the first two films in the franchise, thus making audiences wonder, “What is the point?”. Not to mention, they turned John Connor evil and into some next level Terminator machine thing…

So, what foolishness will they come up with this time?

For starters, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he will once again be back in the iconic role of the Terminator. Will he be good? Will he be evil? Will he be old? Will he be computer generated? All great questions; who knows?

Schwarzenegger also announced that James Cameron will be back and has some ideas on how to save this dying franchise. This is good news, say what you will about the director, but he produces some amazing work. And while he won’t be directing the film, he’s brought in Tim Miller (director of Deadpool) to step into the chair. Okay, this is starting to sound better.

Next, we know that Linda Hamilton (aka Sarah Conner) will also be returning after 25 years from her last appearance in the franchise. Yes. Just yes. If they’re bringing Hamilton back out, I can only pray for some Terminator magic.

Even more good stuff, they’ve cast Gabriel Luna from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D to play the Terminator. Why is this good news? His portrayal of Ghost Rider brought life back into the show and into the character. Both of which were otherwise thought to be doomed.

While we don’t know what the actual plot of the film will be, we do know that it’s going to be a direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day and will therefore (and thankfully) be ignoring 3, 4 and 5 entirely.

As Cameron put it we will be, “Pretending they were a bad dream”.

Good bless you James! Are you exciting for Terminator 6? Which Terminator film was your favourite?

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