Top 5: Sense8 Couples

I finally got on the train and watched Sense8, and boy was it worth the wait. Because this is a show that celebrates love, why not look at my favourite couples they blessed us with? And by the way, major spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned.

Sense8 was one of those shows that I always wanted to watch, but never got around to it for some reason. It had an interesting science fiction presence that reminded me of another once great show Heroes. Plus, it was created by The Wachowskis, directors of films like The Matrix and my all time fave Cloud Atlas.

However, once I heard that Netflix cancelled the show without giving it a proper ending, I figured what was the point? And then, by the grace of an angry fan based, a 2 hour conclusion was provided. And so, I decided I may as well right?

I have to say, it took me about 3 episodes to really get into the story. But I’m glad that I made the effort, because the show was brilliantly executed and well written.

As I said earlier, the show is all about love, and while I felt as though there was a bit too many sex scenes for my liking, it still created some amazing couples that will last with me!

5. Sun and Detective Mun

Detective Mun is hot. Let’s just get that out of the way. And I like that he and Sun have a history together. Sun is a character that suffered the most loss, so I’m glad that she got her happy ending. Mun worked hard to help prove her innocence and to break through her walls. With him, we got to see a happy Sun which is all any of us ever wanted anyways.

4. Riley and Will

A couple that a had slower build, Riley and Will ended up being tested the most out of any coupling in the show. Riley was a damaged character that Will helped to save, in turn, he became a damaged character that Riley had to save. I’m glad she didn’t leave him in his time of need and was there for the death of his father when he couldn’t be.

They may not take the top spot, but Riley and Will give couples hope that they can make it through even the most strenuous of circumstances.

3. Lito and Hernando

Lito is a hilariously adorable character for someone so muscled and so hot. His story arc is a sad one, showing how he basically looses everything when he came out as gay. The one thing he didn’t loose? Hernando. He was able to make Lito a better person by picking his friendship for Dani over his career and saving her from her abusive boyfriend, even when he was terrified to do so.

Once of my favourite moments with them is when Dani, Hernando and Amanita are trapped, and Hernando and Nomi run back for them – Lito yelling ‘We’re coming family’. It never occurred to him to be be afraid, or to leave the people he loves behind. And while, he clearly loves Dani as well, it’s his love for Hernando that keeps him centred.

My only wish is that we know what happens to Lito’s career following the events of the show. Was the movie he was cast in successful? Will he be able to continue an acting career in Hollywood? So many questions.

2. Nomi and Amanita

Amanita was Nomi’s ride or die. She stayed with her through it all, from little moments of standing up to her friends in Nomi’s defence, to the big ones like breaking her out of jail or stopping Nomi from being arrested at her sisters wedding.

I loved that the show ended with their wedding, something I think was appropriate as they showed us what true love can really achieve together.

1. Kala and Wolfgang

Was this any doubt? Kala and Wolfgang were the most adorable will they won’t they couple. It’s clear that they want to be together, but their incredibly different lifestyles just never made it possible.

The thing that sucked the most for these two was Kala’s relationship with Raja, which I surprisingly liked as well. He was a good guy, and was willing to do anything to keep Kala in his life, even if that meant keeping Wolfgang.

I’m so back and fourth with the ending, because all I wanted was for Kala and Wolfgang to end up together like the rest of the couples on this list. And while they somewhat do, it’s not how I imagined it.

Have you watched Sense8? Which couple took your number 1 spot?

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