The Best Ladies From Star Trek

I follow Star Trek on Instagram, and saw in their story they had a poll for the best women in Star Trek. And naturally, I had some thoughts.

Star Trek has been apart of my life forever. I grew up watching every season, and continue to re-watch each series evert year. I tried to give the new “Star Trek” Discovery a try, but couldn’t deal with how far it had moved away from what made Star Trek great. Suffice it to say, none of those characters will make my list.

9. Lieutenant Tasha Yar

Tasha could have been higher on my list if she had been a character longer. Tasha was a big deal for Star Trek as she was the only female Security Chief in the entire series, and was never defined by her gender. She was tough, demanded attention and was somewhat of a hot head.

Tasha had to overcome some obstacles as a child. She had one of the darkest backstories in all of Star Trek: Her parents were killed when she was a child, and she and her sister were left on their own on a violent colony, where they dodged rape gangs and scavenged for food. She escaped at fifteen, and joined Starfleet, where she found the moral center she’d been looking for up until her death.

8. Seska

Seska was so deliciously bad. She was smart, conniving and anything but predictable. I quite enjoyed how she gave the Voyager crew a run for their money and was one of the few characters to notice when things weren’t always as they seemed.

For a secondary character Seska went through a lot of development. From her love for Chakotay, to her Cardassian heritage coming to light and then finally with her baby, Seska always had something up her sleeve.

7. Ensign Ro Laren

Someone with an even sadder backstory than Tasha’s? Ensign Ro Laren. Raised in a refugee camp during the Cardassian occupation, she was forced to watch a Cardassian interrogate and torture her father to death when she was just seven years old. I always loved Ro because she questioned everything, showed how useless Deanna was, and was played by the amazing Michelle Forbes.

Her character was so popular, that they asked Forbes to become a series regular and offered her the role in Deep Space Nine, both of which she turned down.

I like the path Ensign Ro took, and the glimpse her character gave us into the Bajoran Cardassian history.

6. Lieutenant Uhura

Uhura is on this list due to the significance her character. While she didn’t have much to do on the show, minus a few call out moments (Mirror, Mirror anyone?), actress Nichelle Nichols took part in historic events. Nichols was one of the first black women featured in a major television series not portraying a servant and she took part in the first interracial kiss on U.S. television.

When Nichols thought about leaving the show, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. himself changed her mind, telling her that she was a vital role model for black children and young women across the country, as well as for other children who would see blacks appearing as equals. Rumour has it, when she told Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry (who she notoriously had an affair with) what King said, he cried.

5. Seven of Nine

While Seven was hired strictly for looks, her character vastly improved Voyager. Sevens journey back to humanity was remnant of Spock and Data before her. She had many obstacles to overcome, and was the only character who would, on multiple occasions, tell the crew of Voyager where to shove it. Specifically Janeway.

The only issue I ever had with Seven (aside from her costume) was her romance with Chakotay. She could have done way better. Literally anyone else.

4. Lwaxana Troi

As one of my top 10 fave Star Trek characters, Deanna’s mother would just pop in and out of Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, bringing her drama with her. Lwaxana has a larger-than-life and extremely flirtatious personality that could charm the socks off of almost anyone.

She always had her eyes set on stern Picard like personalities, I honestly think it was simply for the challenge. She’s pretty much Star Trek royalty among fans, and definitely deserves a place on my list.

3. Lieutenant B’Elanna Torres

B’Elanna took part in one of my favourite Star Trek episodes ever, Lineage. B’Elanna is half human and half Klingon, however, unlike Spock she was not at peace with her alien side. Instead, B’Elanna was in constant conflict with who she was and who she thought she should be.

As she matured, B’Elanna began to truly understand who she was and what she wanted out of life. She had a bit of a temper, but who doesn’t struggle with that ever now and again? As an engineer she was brilliantly resourceful and had a knack for beating the odds like Scotty.

2. Major Kira Nerys

Deep Space Nine producers initially wanted to add Ro Laren to the crew, but when Michelle Forbes turned them down, they created Kira Nerys, and thank God for it! Kira was the perfect match for Sisko, she had her own beliefs, own people to look out for, own uniform and own agenda. Their dynamic was what made this show so great.

Like many other women I’ve mentioned earlier, Kira was one strong character. She bowed down to no one and never faltered in her faith and what she knew to be right. Kira is a formidable opponent as an ex-freedom fighter and played a crucial role in the Dominion War, granting her the title of Colonel. At the end of the series, Kira was given command of Deep Space Nine after Sisko’s disappearance.

1. Captain Janeway

Was there ever any doubt? As the first female Captain to ever take the mental, Janeway did not come to play. The only Captain that didn’t have the full weight of the Federation to back her, Janeway was stronger than any man, woman or child that had the chair before or after her.

Janeway takes a lot of flak, but it’s 100% undeserved; she was a strong, magnficent leader who held up Starfleet ideals, protected her crew, and was formidable in battle – both verbal and physical. If there’s one thing Janeway could do, it was to tear down an opponent with her words, death stare or phaser. And did she get her crew home? Hell yes.

Who was your favourite lady in Star Trek? Don’t forget to check out more count downs here and more Star Trek news here

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