And Now, Netflix Has Cancelled Daredevil

I guess it’s all over for Marvel-Netflix shows; Daredevil has been cancelled.

This is the third cancellation in a seemingly long list of Marvel-Netflix show cancellations. When news first broke of Iron Fist being cancelled I doubt many were too surprised. If anything, the shock was that Netflix actually cancelled something, as most Netflix originals are in it for the long haul. While the second season of Iron Fist was a much better take on the character, the first was just so bad, and it discouraged viewers to tune in for the second.

Cancelling Luke Cage was incredibly upsetting, but I guess not all that surprising. He was pretty annoying, his only saving grace was that he was surrounded by more intriguing characters. The first season was entertaining enough, however, like Iron Fist, the second took the show to new and higher heights. That being said, it clearly wasn’t enough.

Now that Netflix has cancelled Daredevil, which was arguably the best of all Marvel TV shows, this acts as confirmation towards the rumours – it’s over, Marvel TV is dead. The inevitable end of the Marvel-Netflix relationship and the remaining MCU series has reached us.

While a second season of The Punisher is already in production, and season 3 of Jessica Jones began shooting this summer. Both of those shows will release on Netflix in 2019, and will be the final iterations of Marvel-Netflix productions. While those two shows haven’t formally been cancelled yet, I can only assume it’s because they’re new seasons are currently in production. Mark my words, once they’ve aired, they will get the axe as well, and coincidentally, just in time for the launch of Disney’s streaming service. Now what are the odds of that?

Marvel-Netflix shows are historically developed more in realism than the fantastically world of the MCU. They’re brutal and violent, pinpointing just how far people can push themselves. Somehow, I just don’t think that will work well in the House of Mouse and they’re happy quippy universe they’ve created for Marvel. If these shows do get brought back to life, will they be the same? Is there even a point? Will we have another failed crossover event?

And if Disney does want to bring them all back, why not just tell us? Instead of cancelling each show one by one? The dramatics of it all.

So where does this leave us? Do I bother watching the last seasons of Punisher or Jessica Jones? It all seems pretty pointless to be honest. Especially since Daredevil was the superior show. If they’re willing to let that go, what could the other two possible give me now?

What do you think of this news? If these shows move to Disney’s platform, will you watch them?

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