Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer Review

The trailer has been released for the final season of Game of Thrones, and while it looks epic as hell, I must say that it leaves me feeling bittersweet.

Game of Thrones was the one show to rule them all, and while I’m glad it’s ending on a high note, I’m sad because this show gave me life every time it was on; this was especially so with the direction of last season. I enjoyed finally seeing the characters that we’ve been following around for years and have grown to love (or hate) finally come together.

While I’m glad the trailer doesn’t give too much away, and I’m also annoyed at the same time. I simply want to see the white walkers kick ass. I know why they’re saving the big reveal, but I’m so impatient. We’ve been waiting seasons for this moment. Give me the war!

And speaking of war, it looks as though this season will be giving us not one, but at least two wars. The war between North and South and the war between the dead and the living. Either way, it sounds like the North may be screwed as they’ve got two massive armies coming at them on both sides. And even though he’s got his lover and Aunt Daenerys on his side, it doesn’t look good for the Jon or the Starks’.

I know that Cersei is technically the villain in the show, but I’m still kind of rooting for her. She is one of my favourite characters after all! Cersei assumes authority (as a queen should), and this is something that’s clearly shown in the trailer without her uttering a word. She makes decisions on her own instead of relying on the ideas and strength of others. But I think this will be the downfall of Cersei, and someone else will sit on the iron throne. The only question is if they’ll be dead or alive.

Check out the trailer below

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