First Look At Stranger Things Season 3

This trailer is surprisingly jam packed. I thought we’d receive tiny glimpses into season three, but Netflix did not disappoint. Let’s dive in.

Stranger Things was a Netflix hit, bringing back the 80s horror genre vibe. Starting right off the bat, it looks like the kids have grown up quite a bit and are ending their summer vacations. And where’s the rest of the cast? Nancy and Jonathan have seemingly gotten a taste for the journalist flare and are, perhaps, trying to get a job in the work force?

The adults, Joyce and Hopper seem to be trying to get back to normal, with Hopper clearly in the dating scene and Joyce trying to heal after the heroic death of Samwise the Brave.

Steve works at a local diner with a new love interest (hopefully!) and has the most adorable bromance with Dustin.

But alas, it can’t all be rainbows and butterflies, as we see with Billy Hargrove, Max Mayfield’s dick of a stepbrother. He’s definitely a character that will evolve as we catch a glimpse of something from the Upside Down growing inside of him, maybe even trying to escape?

Whatever the case, we catch a glimpse of the monster (which is not the same as the spider smoke monster from the second season) and it looks very different from the ones we’re used to in the Upside Down. Maybe it comes out of Billy…maybe it is Billy.

This trailer checked all the boxes for me. Great soundtrack? Check. Intriguing story? Check. Eleven being epic? Double check.

Check out the trailer below!

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