Captain Marvel Movie Review

Over the weekend, I went to go and see Captain Marvel, the final Marvel film before Endgame hits theatres. And while I had my doubts, I must say that the film wasn’t as terrible as I initially suspected…I mean, it was still bad, I’m just saying it wasn’t as terrible as I thought.

Somethings Weren’t Bad

I feel like this is going to be a backward compliment, but what I liked about the film is that it didn’t sink the Marvel ship like I thought it would. I honestly thought I’d tear this film apart…and while I probably still will, it wasn’t the worst thing out there. It was at least better than the Hulk films Marvel made!

I enjoyed how the film touched on some of our nostalgia, bringing back Coulson, Nick Fury, the Tesseract, alongside Ronan and Korath. That being said, I’m not sure all of the callbacks really translated.

As per usual, Jude Law was excellent. No matter what he’s in, he always delivers and is full of charisma. As far as I’m concerned, the film could have just been him and Ben Mendelsohn, with a sprinkle of Samuel L. Jackson.

And Some Things Were, Like The “Women Power”

Everyone was so excited for Captain Marvel to take centre stage as she’s the most powerful character to be introduced into the MCU. And in case you didn’t know, she’s a woman. That’s right, a woman; did you hear me? She’s a woman. Just in case you didn’t, don’t worry, this movie will pound it into your face until your dead, and it was insufferable. Marvel already has strong women with Black Widow, Okoye and Gamora to name a few. They are strong characters that just so happened to be women; they weren’t defined by their gender, which made their characters and their actions more impactful. This is where Captain Marvel fails. She was completely defined by being a woman, and thus, turned her into a gimmick and not an icon. We get it, she’s a woman, but can’t she be more than that? Can’t she just be the MCU’s strongest superhero and instead of MCU’s female strongest superhero? Why do women have to be othered? If you don’t do it for a man, don’t do it for us please and thank you.

They’ve Ruined The Continuity

There was so much about this film that felt half assed. Like it wanted to be like The Guardians of The Galaxy, but couldn’t capture the magic James Gunn brought to the franchise. It wanted to be relevant but came off awkward, it wanted to be funny, but didn’t quite land with its jokes. It all felt as though it was almost there, but ultimately failed.

I felt like this was made by someone who’s never watched a Marvel film before. Did they not realize that the acronym S.H.I.E.L.D didn’t even exist in the first Iron Man film? So how the hell was Fury going around with a S.H.I.E.L.D badge in the 1990s?

The Cat

Let’s get this out of the way, the cat was the most adorable thing ever! While it was weird that it turned into a monster, I was still down because it gave the cat more screen time. And watching Nick Fury melt over a kitty was adorable. That being said, it was super annoying that it was because of the cat that he goes blind in his eye. Like in Han Solo: A Star Wars Story, not everything needs a back story. I didn’t need to see how Han got his full name, just like I didn’t need to see how Fury lost his eye.

Let’s go back to one of the best Marvel films to date, Captain America: Winter Soldier where Fury says that the last time he trusted someone he lost an eye…So…the last person he trusted was the cat then?

Brie Larson

Like Wonder Woman before this, I was not too impressed with the casting choice of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. While it’s not a massive slap in the face like with the Wonder Woman casting, I haven’t been the biggest fan of Larson’s acting. That being said, I have not watched Room in which she was apparently spectacular, so I must keep that in mind. The only films I’ve actually watched her in, it felt as though she was overacting, so I kind of wasn’t down.

She surprised me, I wasn’t completely turned off by her in the role. While I still think she was miscast and am still not a fan of her acting, there were even some downright fun moments for Larson. However, every time she did a stance with her hands in a fist to “look powerful” I felt myself cringe. I understood why it was done, but that didn’t stop it from feeling awkward and borderline embarrassing. I think it’s safe to say that I wasn’t a fan, and if you don’t like the main character of the film, then there’s a problem.

Some Questions The Film Brought Up

This may just be me being annoying, but this film has brought up some interesting questions for me:

Why do skulls and Cree hate each other?
Why did Carol soak up energy from the blast giving her her powers?
So, if Howard Stark found the Tesseract when looking for Captain America, how did Dr. Lawson get it?

Anyone have the answers? I’m actually curious and would love to know.

Final Thoughts

This film isn’t winning any awards or going down as anything special. The plot was interesting enough I guess, the acting was doable with some notable standouts, but the main character was meh.

Did they do a good job showing audiences that Captain Marvel is clearly the strongest Avenger, yes. Do I feel a special bond to her or that she deserves to have the Avengers named after her, no. To be honest, I don’t think she really deserves to now be seen as the first avenger, sorry, that spot belongs to Cap (even if he’ll most likely die in Endgame). Am I interested to watch her in Endgame, I mean…I guess?

Have you seen Captain Marvel? What did you think of it? Be sure to check out more film reviews here

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