First Joker Trailer Emerges

After much back-and-forth debate regarding Todd Philips’ vision on the Joker, we finally have a trailer for me to dissect and pick apart. Shall we?

Right off the bat, let me just be clear, I am not excited about this film. While I think Joaquin Phoenix is a superb actor and gives me chills at some points in this trailer, I’m still not on board. I don’t like the fact that the Joker is being humanized, that the Joker is given a name…to be honest, I don’t like the fact that he’s being given a backstory at all. He’s supposed to be a mystery. Everything about him is unpredictable which is what makes him so terrifying. The only thing we know is that he loves chaos and Batman, and to be honest, I think that’s enough.

That being said, DC films will try anything to compete with the goliath that is the MCU. And while they’ve clearly been failing (for the most part), may as well give it one more go with an award winner am I right?

This film shows how a regular, albeit clearly deranged, man named Arthur Fleck descends into darkness to become the Joker. He’s clearly got some demons to fight with his insomnia looking body, momma boy issues, and job as a clown where he’s constantly humiliated and picked on. Enough is enough, and he snaps, going full on Joker by the trailers end.

This portrayal of the Joker is clearly moving away from all others we’ve seen thus far. This Joker was driven mad by Gotham, instead of intending to drive Gotham mad.

Mark Hamill’s legendary take of the Joker has lasted years because he’s so clearly the best. While his version of the clown prince takes on more comedic notes than dark, his tone commands the serious nature behind each joke. Hamill makes us question if he’s actually insane, or if he’s simply brilliant. While Phoenix’s Joker clearly has mental issues he’s dealing with.

Then we have Jack Nicholson’s Joker in the 1989 Batman film. Nicholson was all clown in this take, using more wacky comic book tropes to guide his villain.

And then, Heath Ledger blew us away in the Dark Knight, showing us a disturbing and dark Joker, one who’s goal was chaos and to bring out the darkness in Gotham.

One thing I took away from this trailer was the potential sighting of a young Bruce Wayne. The Joker can be seen wearing a red nose and stalking a child in a gated house. Rich kid, gated house, Wayne Manor perhaps?

Check out the trailer below.

What do you think of The Joker getting his own standalone film?

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