Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Teaser Trailer Review

In a surprising turn of events, we were given not just the name of the final Star Wars film, but the trailer also.

Obviously, there’s a lot to say.

Seems like J.J Abrams is in serious fix mode. With the disaster that was The Last Jedi, director Rian Johnson single handedly managed to unravel everything that Abrams set up in The Force Awakens. His whole idea about forgetting the past, and making all the original characters essentially obsolete isn’t flying anymore. Abrams is doing everything in his power to bring the past back. We’ve got Lando, the importance of Skywalker and last but not least, the Emperor. That’s right, Palpatine is back; does no one stay dead in this franchise?

And why is he back you ask? Probably because Johnson blew a massive Snoke shaped hole in the story when he had Kylo Ren kill him. My guess is that Abrams scrambled to bring the past back and have Palpatine fill in where Snoke should have been as the big bad.

This trailer smartly cuts out all the things from Last Jedi that we hated, for instance, there’s no Rose Tico! That oddly forced relationship between her and Fin is nowhere to be seen, and I doubt if we’ll see much of it in any trailers moving forward.

Who we will see is Luke, or at least, perhaps ghost Luke? Somehow, Rey has clearly upped her jedi skills, as we see her jumping to new leaps in this trailer. Is she still training with Luke? He does say, “We’ve passed on all we know. A thousand generations live in you now. But this is your fight”.

So who’s the Skywalker that’s going to rise? Are Rey’s parents actually no one? Will Ben turn good as Vader once did? Knowing Abrams, this film is sure to have loads of twists and turns. But at the end of the day, we know one thing is for sure, he won’t shit all over fans like Johnson did. Please oh please, let this trilogy go out on a high note, and leave Star Wars to rest.

Check out the trailer below!

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