Avengers: Endgame Review

It’s the end of an era. After 22 movies, we finally made it to the Endgame.

I’m sad to say that the golden age of the MCU films have come to an end. But what a wild ride it’s been. When Iron Man first came out, I remember watching it in theatres as a teenager. Who would of thought back then that we’d all be here now?

It’s time for these Avengers to assemble one last time.

The Beginning

The only flaw I really had in this film was the slow yet somehow fast beginning. Let me explain, because the trailers barely gave anything away, I wasn’t sure how this film would go down. I knew there would be time travel and I knew either Captain America or Iron Man (or both tbh) were going to die. Other than that, I had no clue. So, imagine my surprise when Tony and Nebula were so quickly saved by Captain Marvel, that the team found Thanos right away and then Thor quickly proceeded to kill him. I was like…so…who are they going to fight at the end?

I enjoyed that all the characters were a mess following the results of Infinity War. Tony was so visibly sick, Thor was mad and defeated, Hawk Eye lost and confused with Cap was trying to keep them all together. It was sad, and quite a lot for audiences to take in like the first 10 minutes of the film.

Five Years Later

I was so surprised that the film had the lady balls to jump five years ahead after the snap. Everyone was in such a different place, Thor was fat and led the remaining Asgard’s to a pitiful existence. Banner managed to find some sort of peace with the Hulk, Hawk Eye embraced his comic book dark ego Ronin after the loss of his family, and Black Widow was a lost soldier with no battle to fight.

Ant-Man comes to the forefront in this film. While Infinity War was a Thor film, Ant-Man steals the show in Endgame because Paul Rudd is a national treasure. Once Scott escapes the quantum realm, with the help of a trusty rat, he has one of the saddest scenes when he’s reunited with his, now much older, daughter. Other touching scenes are when we see Tony with his daughter, something we all knew would happen as it was obvious that Pepper was pregnant in the last film. When Captain America promises Tony that they’ll all survive, it pretty much seals his fate. From that moment on, we knew Iron Man would die to save the world.

Captain Marvel Shoehorned In As A Saviour

We already know my thoughts on Captain Marvel. She’s the strongest character in the MCU (currently), but it’s a title she hasn’t done anything to deserve yet. I’ve grown up with some of these characters, we’ve watched films upon films on them. We’ve seen these characters watch people they love die and seen them go through character arcs. It’s because of those moments, that they deserve the powers that are bestow upon them. Captain Marvel? She’s done nothing to deserve my respect. She only has her powers because she was standing next to the ship when it exploded. She’s just there. Her biggest throttle was having to fight against gender norms, something that Peggy Carter did way before her. And she did it better.

I’m glad the film used her sparingly, but when they did use her, it felt very convenient. Iron Man and Nebula are trapped in space? Not to worry, she’ll bring them back to Earth, help kill Thanos, then peace out. Thanos has firing squad on his ship? It’s all good, she’ll come out of nowhere to stop it.

I did enjoy two moments with her. The first was when she had all the other ladies of Marvel by her side to fight. That was a great scene, and a call back to Black Widow in Infinity War when she, Scarlet Witch and General Okoye teamed up to kill one of the children of Thanos.

The second was when Thanos hit her and she barely even flinched. I was like damn. She had my respect there, but then she got hit by an Infinity Stone so you know…I stopped caring. But still, a bad ass in that one moment.

Those We Lost

I’m glad to see all the deaths before the snap in Infinity War were permanent, at least, most of them (more on that later). This film did a lot of fan service by going back in time and bringing back characters we’ve lost along the way. Those call backs allowed us to see those characters again, and to relive moments from past films. It also allowed us to prepare to say goodbye to Iron Man and Captain America, as we see that Cap still isn’t over the love of his life Agent Peggy Carter. And that’s why it makes complete sense that he’d choose to stay with her in the end and give his shield to Sam – which was an interesting choice to give to over Bucky. But hey, I like Anthony Mackie, let’s see what he does with the role. Tony gets to meet his father and close that last chapter in his life, his difficult relationship with his dad. As Tony’s now a father himself, he clearly has a different perspective on being a parent than when he was young.

I knew that one or both of those characters would die, and while I thought it would be Cap’, I’m glad it was Tony. Iron Man was the first hero in the MCU, it’s only right that Endgame should end with him. And that his funeral would bring everyone back to say goodbye, even that random kid from Iron Man 3.

Another character we said goodbye to was Black Widow. Natasha Romanoff was a staple member of the Avengers, so seeing her sacrifice herself so that her friend could get his happy ending was the most heroic moment of the film. She was the original woman of the MCU and will be missed.

Gamora is back, but not in the way we’d expect. And while she’s not my favourite character, I’m glad she was there. For all her faults, her relationship with Nebula is special, and I’m glad we get to watch it blossom. I think the next Guardians film will be heavily impacted by Gamora being gone and Thor joining the team as they track her down.

Thor & The Guardians

We all knew that Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. were leaving Marvel. But what about Chris Hemsworth? I think if Ragnarok wasn’t the hit that it was, and if director Taika Waititi didn’t give Hemsworth the material to shine as he did, then he would have walked away as well. But, tapping into his comedic side, it’s clear that Hemsworth is having fun with the character, and will be along for one last ride! After the success of teaming Thor up with the Guardians in Infinity War, it just makes sense to have him fly off with them in Endgame. Hemsworth doesn’t seem to be ready to hang up his cape just yet, and with the chemistry between him and the Guardians, it makes sense to give him a new team one more ride, if only for a short time.

Missed Opportunities

Now, this just may be me nitpicking, but I would have loved to see Nebula get the gauntlet and maybe event kill Thanos. Don’t get me wrong, she’s done a lot of growing as a character, and is no longer defined by her father, but I think it would have been just another f-you to the old man that I would have enjoyed.

While I understand why he wasn’t included, I wish we could have seen Adam Warlock. I know that the film all ready had a lot going on, but why tease that character in Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 if you’re not going to use him? Especially since his story is completely tied to Thanos and the gauntlet? My only hope is that he’ll at least be in the next Guardians film.

Another thing that was slightly overlooked was that Iron Man can just use his suit to hold all the Infinity Stones. Thanos had to go to heart of a dying star to get his gauntlet made but Iron Man’s suit just has that ability built into it? Okay, I mean…I guess.

The Ending

While I may have found the beginning of the film a bit slow, it certainly paid off in the end. We got everything we wanted, and more!

Thor fighting with both weapons – GOOD GOD
Captain America using Thor’s hammer – SWEET BABY JESUS
Nebula killing her past self for her sister – COSMIC
Ant Man growing big again – HELL YEAH

But the biggest and best moment was Cap’ hearing Sam radio in and say “on your left”. Then, Doctor Strange opens a portal to Wakanda and Black Panther, General Okoye and Shuri walk out, followed by every single character from the MCU that was snapped away. No joke, people were clapping and cheering in the theatre. Damn, I got chills. CHILLS

I know people think the film had holes because they changed the past when they took the Infinity Stones, but I think that once Cap’ went back to the past to return each stone, he reset the timelines to normal. Therefore, nothing’s changed. Why do I think that? Because that’s what The Ancient One and Bruce were arguing about when he wanted the Time Stone. She wouldn’t have given it to him otherwise.

This movie was perfection. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to send off the characters. Even the closing credits to every single Marvel person in the film was great, especially the signed credits from the main 6 Avengers. For the most part, we’ve grown so much with these characters, to the point where we’re routing for people like Nebula. Having a film celebrating them just makes sense. Admit it, you loved seeing Captain America whisper “Hail Hydra”. It was nice having all those call backs, having smaller characters from other films return, like Happy Hogan, Alexander Pierce or even Brock Rumlow who later became Crossbones.

Iron Man came out in 2008 when I was in high school. These films have spanned over most of my life. Thank you MCU.

Have you watched Endgame? What did you think? And don’t forget to check out more film reviews here

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