Spider-Man: Far From Home Final Trailer

The final trailer for Spider-Man hit audiences this week, and while it took some time for us to get here, this was well worth the wait.

Now that everyone’s had ample time to watch Avengers: Endgame, Marvel released the finale trailer for Spider-Man, outlining how lost Peter Parker feels without Tony Stark’s guidance. But it looks like Spidy is going to come into his own and become the full fledged superhero we all know and love. After being knighted an Avenger in Infinity War, Spider-Man is taking his rightful place as a hero. You know that’s especially the case as we see that Nick Fury is poking around looking for him to essentially replace Iron Man and Captain America as the worlds new hero. Sorry Falcon, you’re just not cool enough.

This trailer really sets the stage on what we should expect from the film. Apparently, after Thanos snapped his fingers, he ripped a hole across multiple universes, and as a result, Marvel’s Phase 4 looks be slightly different.

Phase 3 ended with Endgame, and it looks like the “It’s all connected” world of Marvel (minus its TV shows apparently) seems to have ended as well. We’ve been used to our heroes operating out of one universe, but for now, it seems as though we have at least two. Bringing up the question of how many holes did Thanos create? Why are we just hearing about them now? Is it possible that the holes were actually created after Tony snapped his fingers to bring everyone back and not when Thanos did? This would explain why no one mentioned travellers from other dimensions during the 5 years everyone was gone.

Spidy encounters Quentin Beck, A.K.A Mysterio, who Nick Fury introduces as a traveler from another dimension’s Earth. Peter responds with five words that will forever change the MCU as we know it, “You’re saying there’s a multiverse?”.

BOOM. A multiverse.

Now, this opens so many doors, some good and some bad. I’m hoping this doesn’t mean that we will see dead characters back again. Their stories are over, please let them rest.

That being said, would I be apposed to seeing evil doppelgangers of characters? Not at all. I love a good evil universe, especially when it’s done right – please see Star Trek’s Mirror Mirror universe and The Other Side from Fringe.

This means that the Mysterio Jake Gyllenhaal is playing from another universe is good…maybe, I mean we’ll see. Perhaps he’s simply fooling Fury and Spidy to get what he wants? Maybe he is good but his actions affect his doppelgänger from this universe? Turning our version of Quentin Beck evil. There’s a lot of directions this story can go in, but we mainly know that this will be the film to establish Spider-Man as his own hero. We’ll see his friends discover his secret, his romance with Mary Jane, and perhaps an explanation on how all of them are still in high school. I guess the snap made them all disappear?

Check out the trailer below.

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