Game of Thrones A Song of Ice and Fire: Series Review

Back in 2011, Game of Thrones took over the world the moment Ned Stark lost his head. This was a show that had the balls to kill off its star actor and seemingly main character – we knew we were in for something different.

8 seasons later, Game of Thrones has come to an end, and not one that has fans jumping for joy. After the show passed George R. R. Martin’s novels A Song of Ice and Fire, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss let power go to their heads and went wild, much like Daenerys. Without Martin’s steady hand to guide them, the show suffered for it.

The beauty of Game of Thrones is that it took its time to develop the story, allowing audiences to care about our characters, whether they were the heroes, the villains or a little something in between.

Too Rushed

Everyone’s been saying it, and I agree, the past two seasons (specifically the final one) was far too rushed. Back in the good ol’ days, it used to take a full season for one character to get from point A to point B. Now, all of a sudden, everyone in Westeros had teleporters and was able to bounce from one location to another within an episode.

Okay, that wouldn’t be so terrible if all that rushing payed off. Season 7 really wasn’t that bad, in fact, I wholeheartedly enjoyed it. I didn’t mind that characters seemed to move from one place to another quickly because it didn’t come between the story and the characters. Season 8 had a different idea in mind however.

Character Development

It really wasn’t a surprise that Daenerys went buck wild. She’s always shown signs of being a tyrant. I understand that some people were arguably upset by Danny’s actions, but she really wasn’t a good character. For all those arguing she was the perfect representation of feminism, Daenerys could never make a decision without relying on the men around her. And when she did make a choice on her own, she chose to burn, torture and kill people that disagreed with her. She wanted to be worshiped and loved without ever really having to do anything in the process. She may have started with some good intentions, but along the way she became self righteous and arrogant because she believed she deserved everything.

That being said, foreshadowing is not character development. Her going mad and getting power hungry? Totally believable. The execution? Not so much. I would have rather seen Daenerys drunk on power a bit longer, allowing her to slowly but surely take it out on innocents, and not just because they wouldn’t bend the knee, but because she simply could. It’s true, Daenerys became a monster, a bigger one than Cersei ever was, but I think it would have been nice to watch her rule as a tyrant on the Iron Throne for a bit, allowing us to dive into her madness.

Daenerys was lonely. She lost everyone she ever really cared about, and the one man she loved couldn’t love her back the way she wanted. So, because of that, she threw a tantrum and burned an entire city to the ground. Why didn’t she just fly to the red keep and kill Cersei? Why take it out on everyone?

Honestly, Danny’s journey reminded me a lot of Anakin Skywalker becoming Darth Vader in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. He goes from being kind of moody to slaughtering young ones in a quick minute. He goes from seeing Obi-Wan Kenobi as his best friend and mentor to trying to kill him. Both Anakin and Daenerys slaughter people they deem to be bad. They want power, control and respect without really having done much to deserve it. Anakin believes he will bring balance to the force as a messiah like character. He believes that he deserves a seat on the council purely because of who he is and not what he’s done. Danny is a Targaryen with dragons, and therefore believes she should rule, so she slaughters people to get to her ultimate goal. They’re literally the same person: whinny annoying children.

A Song of Ice and Fire

The most intriguing part of Game of Thrones came in season 2 when Daenerys has a vision in the House of Undying. One of her visions showed the throne room in Kings Landing broken and seemingly filled with snow, hinting that winter, and subsequently the Knight King, is coming. Now we know, that just wasn’t the case. Instead of snow, we were seeing ash. And instead of the Knight King bringing destruction, it was Daenerys. Her vision was showing Danny her last moments, as it was in that very hall she dies.

The entire point of the show is about fire and ice. Fire always being Danny while ice was Jon, and not the Knight King. This is why season 8 episode 3 didn’t bother me as much as it did others. I’m glad Arya killed the Knight King and the white walkers as she did. The show wasn’t about them. It was always about the throne, and subsequently who would sit on it.

The Iron Throne

So Jon Snow finally grows some lady balls and kills Daenerys. Jon’s pretty devastated, but not as upset as Drogon, her last remaining dragon. And instead of taking revenge on Jon, he destroys the iron throne. I guess he understood what it did to Danny, and how it drove her mad. If she couldn’t have it, no one could.

What I would have liked to see happen would be Drogon attack Jon with fire and it have absolutely no affect. It would have been cool to see him be fireproof as well, I mean, he is a Targaryen after all. Then he could have rode Drogon and killed Danny’s army, since they all went bonkers anyways. Let’s be realistic here, Grey Worm was once a pretty cool character, but by the end, he had to go. Missandei wasn’t that great.

Alas, this was not the ending we were given, and Drogon decides to fly off with Danny in hand. Time passes and the lords and ladies of the 7 kingdoms gather together to pick a new leader. And who do they choose but Bran, because he has a good story, and no one has a better one than him am I right….Except a ninja face swapping assassin, a man that died and came back to life, someone who’s travelled the 7 kingdoms. Literally anyone else.

Bran is going to be a terrible king. He’s disconnected from reality, a character trait similar to that of Watchmen’s god-like character Dr. Manhattan. Manhattan was once human, but after an accident became something else entirely. He no longer cared about people, and when Earth was threatened, he would have rather stay on Mars playing with his giant clock than to go back and help.

Similarly, Bran doesn’t care about anyone or anything…except, maybe for the throne? Hear me out, Bran can see the future right? He can control animals right? Why didn’t he just take control of Drogon to stop the massacre? Either he didn’t care because he disconnected, or he was playing the long game. Bran knows that if he does nothing, eventually these idiots would make him king. Maybe he told Jon his true heritage to create a divide between him and Daenerys. Maybe Bran knew that Jon rejecting her would be the last straw to drive Danny into crazy land. Maybe Bran is a freaking genius. When you play the game of thrones you either win or you die. Bran is a damn champion.

Characters Ruined

Here we go, the biggest issue in this final season of Game of Thrones, all of the character development that we’ve built up has been thrown out the window.

Tyrion is a straight up idiot. He’s been surrounded by power hungry people all his life, if anything, he should have caught on real quick to the type of person Daenerys would turn out to be. But, alas, he was taken in because he loved her or some crap.

Jaime Lannister. Good God. After seasons of will-they-won’t-they between him and Brienne, we were finally blessed with his decision to leave Cersei and admit his feelings for Brienne. Jaime’s character arc was a redeeming one. Who knew that we’d be cheering for the kings layer that was banging his twin sister and pushed a child out of a window. But all that disappeared in one moment, when Jaime decides to say screw it and go back to be with his sister. Everything he learned, everything he became was thrown out the window (pardon the pun). Next we see, Jaime has transported to be with Cersei for their final moments together (because time has no meaning in the final season). The only good thing we got out of his random 180 personality change was his goodbye with his brother. It was touching, it was real and it was a perfect ending for the two of them. I guess it was also nice that he died in the arms of the one he loved, like he said he wanted to do.

All Arya wanted to do was to kill Cersei. She was supposed to kill someone with brown eyes (Walder Frey), blue eyes (the Knight King) and green eyes (???? guess we’ll never know who that is ). So we were all pretty sure she’d try for Cersei. But then once she’s steps away, the Hound reminds her that she’ll die, as if this never occurred to them before. But, I guess once death stares you in the face, instead of saying not today you say, “you’re right Hound, I’m just going to bounce and dodge all these falling bricks around me so I can live”. True true. Okay, so maybe she’ll try to kill Dany then? She’s got green eyes right? Nope. Arya’s moment has passed. Instead she fades into the background for Jon to step up and kill Daenerys instead.

And speaking of bricks. Cersei. One of the greatest characters we got from this show was killed by bricks. BRICKS. So. Damn. Disrespectful. I don’t even have the words. The disrespect is so real. These writers were playing straight up games. And not the good kind. I guess that prophecy of her dying at the hands of one of her brothers wasn’t true. Unless Jaime kills her before the bricks could.

Jon Snow is a Targaryen, and his claim to the throne is stronger than that of Daenerys. This was some big news. This changed the whole game. This made us realize that ice and fire was him and Daenerys. And what did this do to the plot? Nothing. It made Danny jealous of Jon, and Jon continue to not want power. He really is an idiot.

This whole season hurt my head. It was beautifully shot, perfectly acted, and very well marketed. I just feel like the writers made us all feel like fools, because that’s how they treated this season. Foolishly.

What did you think of Game of Thrones? Did you enjoy the final season? Be sure to check out more GoT news here

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