Why Did You Leave Starfleet Admiral?

Captain Picard is back. Star Trek is back. And hopefully, this time, it’ll be good.

I’ve got some opinions about the new Star Trek films and series that keep popping up. I don’t like Discovery because it doesn’t hold true to the meaning of Star Trek. I enjoyed the J.J Abrams movies for what they were, action movies in space. But, to be honest, I have never really considered any of the Trek films to be real Star Trek except for Wrath of Khan.

So when it was announced that Picard would be getting his own spinoff series, I was hesitant. Sir Patrick Stewart himself has claimed that, while the series will be different, it will hold the same values as the previous shows before it. I’m nervous, but I’m hopeful. After all, Stewart wouldn’t lead us astray would he?

The teaser trailer has been released. And while it’s short, it definitely sets the stage for this new series. We see an older and retired Jean-Luc Picard taking over his family’s vineyard in France, a scene remnant from the final episode in TNG. All we know is that Picard has given up on Starfleet. Why and how remains to be seen, but here’s hoping this show will go back to the essence of Star Trek, and not try to wow us with explosions and lens flares.

Check out the trailer below.

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