The Boys Review

If you haven’t watch Karl Urban’s new hit show on Amazon Prime The Boys, can I tell you that You. Are. Missing. Out

This show is perfect.

The Boys is based off of a comic book series by the same name. I’ve never read it, but I feel like this show did it justice.

Here’s the premise. What would realistically happen if human beings were gifted to become superheroes? Hero worship is already huge in our culture in the form of celebrities. The media creates an idea of who celebs are and what they stand for, and we worship and celebrate them like we know them. But the truth is, we don’t. And that’s an idea that’s explored deeply in The Boys. These “heroes” are given all the power in the world which makes them believe they can do whatever they want because they’re above the law. They are the law.

The Boys introduces The Seven, Earth’s mightiest heroes that are exact replicas of The Justice League. Homelander is Superman, Queen Maeve is Wonder Woman, A-Train is The Flash, The Deep is Aquaman, Black Noir is Batman, Translucent is Martian Manhunter, and newcomer Starlight is Stargirl.

Now here’s the twist, they’re all terrible people. Homelander is a psychopath that everyone is afraid of. A-Train murders someone and shows no regret, The Deep sexually assaults women just to gain some control in his life, Queen Maeve is constantly afraid…need I go on?

And the one with the true power? A corporation called Vought. The Seven are just clogs in a machine. They’re being controlled and manipulated at every turn to make them into whatever Vought needs. Hell, Vought is actually the ones that created them to be superhuman in the first place.

What I found most interesting was that everyone in The Seven was called by their superhero names and were never seen out of costume. They had become what the marketing team at Vought made them. And without it, they didn’t know who they were anymore. The only person who’s name we were given was Starlight as Annie. We saw her with her family, outside of superhero clothes and being called by her name. We literally don’t know much else about The Seven except by their powers. They’ve lost touch with humanity, as you can tell by their carelessness with life – human lives mean nothing to them anymore. Even when they try or want to do good, it still ends up terribly, with The Seven picking themselves, their image, and their superhero identity over those they’re supposed to save.

This show is violent and bleak, but somehow, incredibly relatable, especially in this day an age where everyone’s obsessed with social media. It’s all about your followers, your image, your fame. And who would be more famous than the most powerful people in the world?

My only issue with this show was how Hughie seemed to get over the death of his girlfriend super quick. His driving force was to get revenge, and then all of a sudden he was falling for Annie, aka Starlight. It kind of felt like a slap in the face. I mean…really dude? Just like that?

This show answered the best question out there. Who watches The Watchmen? The Boys do.

Have you seen The Boys?

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