Here’s What We Know About Star Trek: Picard

The Comic Con trailer for Star Trek: Picard has come and gone. At first, I wasn’t going to write a review because I have such mixed feelings about the show. But in the end, I couldn’t stop myself. It’s Star Trek after all.

Star Trek: Picard is one last ditch effort of slapping true Trek fans in the face. Explosions! Violence! Vulcans with beards! What does all of this spell? Not Star Trek.

It’s common knowledge by this point that I hate Star Trek: Discovery and don’t really consider the J.J Abrams films real Trek. So when I heard about the new Picard show and that it would “hold the same values of original Trek” I had my concerns. And now, after watching this trailer, I can see that my concerns were valid.

Why Picard?

First thing’s first. Of all the Captains to have a spinoff on, why Picard? If I’m being honest with myself, as a Captain, he was probably the best. Now, I’m not saying the best character, I’m saying the best Captain. He kept his ship in line and was an excellent authority figure.

That being said, as a character what is he? The whole point of Picard was that he kept people at a distance, that he never really let anyone get close to him. There’s a reason that the final scene of Next Generation is him finally opening up to his crew and joining for a game of poker. So will this Picard by a different one? Will we actually see some character development and not just a Captain?

Honestly, try to describe Picard as a person without using the word Captain. Who is he? Is his character really exciting or interesting enough on his own?

The Borg Are Back

This is the reason why I think they brought Picard back. His biggest nemesis (see what I did there?) was The Borg. If they’re back, he’s the one that’s got to fight them.

A big reveal from the trailer was having Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine return on screen. Now, I’m not sure if she’s just a guest star or if she’s going to be a main character, but I think it would have been more interesting to just have the show about her over Picard. She was more of an interesting character than he ever was.

We could have had Picard and other prominent Star Trek characters pop in once and awhile throughout the show for a few episodes. Hell, I would have been more interested in having Hugh the Borg return.

Remember Guys, Picard Hated Kids

Picard hates children. I think we can all agree on that. So what does this new show do? Team him up with a child. And not just any child, a chosen one. A saviour child. Cause that hasn’t been done time and time again.

This kid is clearly a former Borg turned human and seems to have some sort of connection to Picard. Is it because he’s also a former Borg? Is he her father with the Borg queen? Is she somehow tied to Data?

Data is Back

Speaking of Data, the trailer shows us either Data or B4 disassembled. Why? We don’t know, but somehow one of them (or both who knows) comes back to give Picard some much needed guidance.

Romulans Are Up To No Good…Again

Looks like the Romulans aren’t down for former Borg humanoids. The trailer shows us a clip of them standing guard over a group of prisoners with a sign saying “This facility has gone 5843 days without an assimilation”.

Instead of the Cardassians enslaving the Bajorans now we’ve got the Romulans enslaving…well I guess anyone who was Borg.

Check out the trailer below

What do you think of Star Trek: Picard?

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