I’ve broken my blog into 6 categories that I think perfectly sum me up! You may be surprised to see some of the topics I choose to tackle here. To explore each category, click the titles below!

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Fashion is kind of my life; I love the expression that comes with each design. So any opportunity to write about things that interest me in that world! Whether it’s gushing about a new design or simply talking about fashion news I’m going to address it, and hopefully you guys are interested in it also! I like to celebrate beautiful moments in fashion and style, especially since I’ve dipped my toes working in the fashion industry in the past.

Lights, Camera, Action


I live and breathe pop culture and entertainment, I swear my dream would be to work at ET Talk or Entertainment Tonight and just soak up their awesomeness, is that strange?

My father always tells me that I’m the reason movie theaters are still in business because I occasionally like go to 2 or 3 movies a week, which is totally NOT weird by the way! Let’s just say that I’m going to dedicate this space to movie/show reviews, celebrity gossip, and what ever else fits into this category.

My Little Universe

Because I have a super fantastic life full of many adventures, I thought I’d share them with you here. Think of this as a space for me to gossip, talk about relationships and just give general advice on how not to screw up your life just because a cute boy walks by (I’m speaking from experience of course).

Will it be random? Yes. But it’ll be fun, and if there’s ever something you want me to cover just leave a comment and I’ll try to get to it as soon as I can.


I’ve been called an under cover nerd and even queen of the nerds before and hey, I’m okay with it. In fact I totally embrace my inner nerd. Yes Star Wars and Gladiator are my favourite movies, yes I cried during the finale of Spartacus, and yes Battlestar Galactica is an amazing show! Does this freak you out a tad? It’s okay to be honest.

I have been known to spaz out and have some serious nerdgasm moments, so why not document them here? For those of you that feel the need to vent about the J.J Abrams “Star Trek” films, or discuss who should be cast in what roles, this is the place you need to be! And please excuse my random bursts of anger and/or excitement; I’ve just got loads to say on these topics. Oh and the chances of me going on a tangent about why DC is better than Marvel is most defiantly going to happen often.

Summertime Sadness


I’ve got a wide taste in music when it comes to what I listen to, but there is just something about Lana Del Rey that takes the cake as one of my favourite artists. I mean seriously, can we talk about Young and Beautiful (totally robbed for a Grammy by the way), or my personal favourite, Ride. I won’t lie, I’ve got the extended version with her words on my iPod #SorryNotSorry.

This page is going to be dedicated to all things Lana, because let’s face it, to me she’s royalty. I just really think that her music is so inspiring, and that she’s singing directly to me. There aren’t many artists who can do that anymore, so when one comes around I’ve got to dedicate a shrine to her.



If you follow me on We ❤ It then you know that I love inspirational quotes and images. Every so often I’ll add some galleries that I found to be inspirational, entertaining, beautiful, or funny. These little sayings help me through some tough times, so I hope that they can do the same for you

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