Destination Femme

I had the opportunity to freelance write for Destination Femme! I had an incredible time writing for these guys and felt right at home while I was there, I’m sad that I had to say goodbye, but it was a pretty amazing ride. I’ve pretty much found my passion in writing and I’m so grateful to have all these platforms take a chance on me and let me  showcase my work.

I’ve updated this page with links to all of my work while I was writing for Destination Femme, please take a look and leave some feedback, I’d love to know what you guys think!

See All My Posts From Destination Femme On The 2 Pages Below. Click Here For More!

The Love of My Life at The Gym: What It’s Like To Date a Gym Buff

10 Ways Dating is Different In Your Teens Than In Your 20s

The Best Female Empowerment Movies

10 Things You Experience From a Long Commute To Work

The Best Road Trip Playlist You’ve Never Heard Before

10 times American Horror Story Completely Freaked Us Out

Top 10 Best Movie Soundtracks

What Strong Women Who Have Their Shit Together Want In a Relationship

The Love of My Life at The Gym: Here’s What You Should Do

Problems Only People With Foreign Parents Will Understand

Bachelorette Games to Get The Party Started

Tween Series Fandom: From Books to Films

What It’s Really Like to Work at a Fashion Magazine


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